March 8, 2009


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will someone please make this into a major motion picture.i’d be there opening day and everything…

the wrestler:the twilight years ?? the wrestler 2 ??? 18,000 tons of mania behind/supporting the wrestler movie.

i think a movie based on this/this guys life could rather blow the wrestler away and away and further and so on…i meana come on there’s a bio slant here.so you know that spells oscar abit. so who will option this story ?? there’s award season to domninate. let’s go…

and yes your weirdo/lame guy aka me. laughed alot at the bits in comment section. and what you hear is more laughter from me. sorry… πŸ˜‰

*sigh* if want to read the 5,000 slant on this weekends box office/catch some cool tidbits/info on the watchmen thing. bop did there weekend update with style.as always..

bop view…

and i know/no one else refs/links to bop. but i love it. so…*there* ! πŸ™‚

the film comment’s reader poll gets expanded. so let’s re list it. πŸ™‚

now to 50

and the film comment kids were even cool/nice enough to include some well…comments from readers…

reader’s transmission

now this sneaked into the comments section…

Rachel Getting Married (#14)
A family more f*cked up than your own, with the best supporting performances of 2008: DeWitt, Irwin, and Winger.β€”Brenna Stewart-Torres, New York, NY

now,hey as long as i’m in a family/ i don’t think a rachel’s gonna be getting that claim.nope… πŸ˜‰

also thursady or so when i went to the landmark to see the class i was speaking abit with a couple kids that work there. ah i never seen any of them before.

and i mentioned that i may see he’s just not that into you. ok really i just wanted to mention/sneak in the segement from the quick interaction/converstion i had with the female at the angeilka when she said any guy that watches this desereves to get in balls. πŸ˜‰

and one of the female employess said. don’t watch that commerical crap

really more movie blogs need phrases lilke don’t watch that commerical crap in them. so yeah i’ll type them. ha ha…

the class…the talkest film of 2008 ??? and that’s really meant as an insult. just hmm something that seem to register with me. words and words…a barrage of wors…

and if i finally see he’s just not that into you. i’ll let you know. and if anyone male or female wants to kick me in the balls. i’m here… πŸ™‚



March 7, 2009

not even close/because this post had to be done…

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for months…hell was it years ?? i read and read things about (male) best actor thing this year and how it’s was very likely gonna come down/let it come down to mickey rourke or sean penn. endless. the road of pages was endless…

i think i’m qualified to tell what good acting is/about as much as i am to tell about good cinematography is. yep *not at all*

but it doesn’t matter if it’s very good acting/best of the year.

i was so underwhelmed by both movies. yes, i tend to go more by if the movie worked for me.so the supposed magical acting having the whomevers almost getting tats meant nothing to me.

well i didn’t notice/or rather i didn’t care/same thing pretty much.

just be glad i didn’t call this blog insight. πŸ˜‰
both the wrestler and milk were way too linear/trad for me.and not even trad damaged.ha ha…

and realize most of stuff i liked in 2008 seemed to have some sense of unreality ala priceless,in bruges,my blueberry nights and jellyfish

and the wrestler/mik seemed all about the hyper reality.(or it was presented/written about that way.every damn day.and so on..)

and all about getting me to say *no*/next ! πŸ™‚

now, bring me the head of the movie bloggers/award mavens/and make it the silent life remix/it’s been going too wrong/for so long…


March 4, 2009

march 04 09

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hmm sorry some days have pasted and pasted.so shorter more micro style than usual. but is there a usual ??

ok i saw fanboys feb 10. and well it didn’t cast a spell.but it didn’t have me singing a hate song. ha ha lord i need some new jokes. anyway…

anyway something like an 8 pm showing maybe about 18-20 in the room that seemed about right it. but played seemed much bigger.the level of audience practicipation was bigger more active than anything at seen at the angelika.

nope not the taking at screen/type of stuff. but the level of enthusiasm/giddiness for what was on screen and to get the next scene was higher than anything i’ve seen. yep even those sold out free screening were (jet) lagging behind in comparison.blowen way even…

mostly looked like friend/group couple/date fest. so it’s fitting i was very alone….and this world is so cold. *ha ha*

yeah i swear there were couples in the audience.report that… πŸ˜‰

now hey again i didn’t think this film totally sicked. hell it was ok and i laughed a bit. but agin i haven’t seen every teen/early 20 something road movie. or really any of time well i’m pure like and ‘transparent or not/you’ll never see my likes again‘ again. now say c,mon… πŸ˜‰

so not seeing 400 films of this sort i settle and likely stop at this one curiosity sated…

and yes i laughed abit.and i have zero familairty with star wars.

how i do need some stats question the reality of the windows guy getting together with the zoe charater. i mean come on this a guy refed as 24 (???) in the movie with zero experience/ ‘landing’ a zoe type.but hey that’s why it’s the movies. ha ha….

caught wendy/lucy feb 20.
i was very amused before i entered the auditorium to w &l. there was going going on and on about how much the international sucked and which room ws showing rachel getting married (actually gonna included snippets of this converstaion later. trust me i will.because when you have a guy several angelika employees and your loser…aka me. babbling incomprehensibly the results are alchemical or at least a guy named al that sells chemicals… πŸ˜‰

anyway wendy/lucy drew an older crowd than i thought…uh what was expecting ??? anyway audiences surprises ?? well i was making my way to usual theatre fave location.something like back row sort of left of center got there and tomy surprised two and i only spelled it as two females/uh mud-late 20’s wers sort of there so only a seat.just one spell it out…seperated us. (and that pair really enjoy their popcorn/let me tell you…)

and now you think something good gonna happen. ha… any this uh ‘noticeable’ pair was far out gone/and leaving the threatre or auditorium as the angelika tickets put it. before uh wendy even laot her dog. darn it what with today’s youth can’t they put a bit of time/effort anto anything ??

well i would having saying the same thing about the guy complaining about the international/accept he was a few years older.and he like an angelika employee was sort of hoping the international was gonna sort of shuoot’em part two. you know they were very disappointed.that’s how they felt that day.

so with females gone from back row land that left…well two seats to mey left an older soft body type that was very bald in button down shirt(stripes babe) and me/your loser. πŸ˜‰

to hold down the back row. it’s hard job. but i think we did ok.

so yeah the females were gone/ sort of like those animals in 3,000 animation movies trying to get home. *ha ha ha ha* πŸ™‚

really the most surprising about this showing was that there was atleast tow sets of families. did i miss anyone ??? and by families i mean what looks like a mom/dad and a kid or two.

well i saw this faces when the lights hit.and it was pure disappointment i read. maybe because of the dog factor they were expecting something more blockbuster in scale/approach. or at least something abit more feel good.

don’t know if i seen agroup leave the angelika more miserable looking than both the kids (yep boy and girl) and the parents looked when leaving. don’t think there gonna be a return visit to the angelika for them until 2037. and i really would have loved to have heard the talk they had on the return trip home.

and for some reason most of audience stayed/sat through most of the credits for wendy/lucy.what were they looking for ??? but they sat.

and if lucy could have gotten a nom for best supporting actor.now that would have made this beyond/grey/boring/washed out award season. sort of ok. now that’s good acting…

but in the end/the end wendy/lucy is another moivie with tons of hype.that just didn’t play well in geek town/for me.

but i’ve said that before.and it been that way since forever. however i’m glad everryone enjoyed it/was raving.

now can i re-watch jellyfish or is that not indie cred/hyped enough for the blog nation ??

more than ever i think if something has mostly raves i should avoid it. if something has bad/mediocre or barely a passing mark on metacritic i should give it a shot.

something for everyone/doesn’t enthuse evryone or at least not me.

don’t say those ‘cool’ films name/don’t try to twist my head with tales of their fame/i’ve got to far to go/you know… (sorry bringing out the song lyric paraphrase machine one more time/because it’s that or the cliche machine…)

viva la geek deluxe edition.


March 2, 2009

the next best thing to hugh jackman ;)

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why can't be hugh ??? ;)

*swoon* πŸ˜‰

old school keyboard ;)

so i have the choke dvd

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and i’m wondering/ why the dvd front cover nor the label side of the dvd ( uh whatever’s that’s called…)

don’t mention/have kelly macdonald’s name on it. both only mention sam rockwell and anjelica huston. (and yep that’s order they’re listed in/so don’t kill me) really wondering…..

hmm haven’t looked at the dvd, but i did see it in the theatre (hey, i went to an amc !!!!!) and i’m gonna give it four stars just based on the scene where the guy is on the receiving end of the anal beads. man over board

guess i’m easy to please…. πŸ™‚

oh and i still have my question ?????


so the recession isn’t helping me or females. :(

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does the near movie future just gonna equal.More comic book movies and less women.

some interesting takes on how the recession is effecting things.yeah your novice…aka didn’t think it was this bad since nearly every weekend when i read the boxoffice profits weekend update thing it usually reads this year beat last week last year. so you’d expect some plans for things to open up abit. but i guess not.

i realize this may not scare ‘the guys’ but it pretty much terrifys me.

really it doesn’t seem to matter if box office is up or down. things going better financially or not. it seems things are always gonna be about the same as far as what we get. yikes and…..*arrgh*

one of the reason i’m rather annoyed at ‘the guys’ and comic book crap mania. is well the mentally of alot top five is the only type of film type kids/mavens. is their utter disdain of anything that has or is perceived as being abit for female audience or with female leads.

lord or whomever (hey!) how many jokes did you get from guys just even a movie like twilight exist/translation ever made.

the big joke they won’t shut up about the idea of uh whatever the name of the transformers sequel (nope i’m not even gonna check).

lord knows if something as female appeal or more interest from females. it most instantly be ridiculed/dismissed.buy ‘the guys’ (and seemingly most the media too ??)

which is beyond lame since most the movies especially the blockbusters/and franchise stuff is sooooo aimed at them. heel pretty much every week at the box office is ‘guy week’

and they can’t even just shut up a few weeks year something with female lead/or a more female base could be the number film in the states.

but yet the want/push to relevance/worship of anything they like/ has big guy appeal whether is the idea of movie based on talking robots that fight(yeah that sounds about 8000 times smarter than the idea behind twilight.got it) sports/crime novels you name it. arrrgh….

really i don’t want to sit through another blockbuster summer. it’s got to end.something gotta change. and if means not giving a damn/rooting for comicbook based films. well i’m versatile like that.but i bet you know… πŸ™‚

as always it comes down to the classic confrontation bewteen geek and evil. and of course beiing a geek is the less bland option. ha ha. and i love borrowing that joke !!! πŸ™‚

and maybe if a guy reads this they’ll kill themselves bop’s #6 industry story of 2008

really i’m not that interested in eith transformers or twilight. but if guys get 3,000 franchise things/ why can’t females at least get a couple without them whining like you’re cheering for a pedophile or something.


March 1, 2009

*ha ha ha*

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romantic movie time



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ok so slumdog went over a $100 million a couple of days after it’s oscar massacre of the supposed competition. taken went over a $100 million stateside..uh was it friday ?? think so. pretty cool for that film/and whomever’s behind it/ and to steal some words from bop’s weekend wrap up feb 1 2009 edition(bop said)

budget data isn’t available, but a good guess puts this one at about $50 million, and Taken has already earned $70 million from overseas sales. it’s the profit evry time. πŸ˜‰

the way ‘the guys’ are going crazy for this film is very annoying (and no i haven’t seen it) it’s like they haven’t had film aimed at them in 8 months or something.

but still it’s nice to see a blockbuster that wasn’t rammed down our throats 10 months in advance.

and that couldn’t be marketed as a such and such film.or even directed by such such(ok i checked the directors name/morel. nope that name means nothing to the general public/’the guys’ and that is fact.mostly.ha)

sort like slumdog, i wonder if the audience putting this over (and over) knows by name who is in the film ?? i mean how many would have said. uh that’s liam neeson ??? oh.

hmm i think the trailer(which i still haven’t seen/and i’m not too curious about it either) put this on the map.and from what i read elsewhere the trailer for this film/ is the movie. so maybe i should see the trailer and lie about seeing the film. hey you want me to have guy cred right ?? πŸ˜‰

and love/hate or damn indifferent to it/ taken has had some amazing ‘legs’ /as they put in industry speak. so taken did $24 million first weekend and the weekend following $20 million, $19 million. $11 million, and $ 9 million this weeknd. hey those may not be the exact numbers put it’s close/ and i wasn’t sure if it would be better to just list percenatage drops each week instead of money earned. hell maybe i should have done both. novices, don’t you hate them ?? πŸ˜‰


so out first four films to go over $100 million this year are slumdog/taken/gran torino and something called….hold on let’s call it out…paul blart: mall cop

correct or not i’m gonna count torino/slumdog as 2009 films.(since this didn’t go wide/non festival audience until whenever in dec ??)

now you know you’re saying i left ben button of the list/ and well i did. how about that ?? well maybe my linking to that exclusive interveiw fincher/a couple of posts ago let’s me of the hook.now…

really it’s cool. because aside from button the other four films crossing $ 100 million weren’t films pretty much no one thought was gonna get that far. no one… ???? i mean come not all four.

but everyone is predicting a mall cop sequel. see we’ve found common ground !! πŸ˜‰

and i wish he’s just not that into you would go over a $100 million just to annoy the guys. yep i’m evil like that. πŸ™‚

but it seems gadizillions of females don’t like this film either. when i was leaving the fanboys screening (ticket stub say feb 10 09/so let’s go with that) a female was ranting and notch or two over i’m talking to my friends level. and she going on about he’s just not that into you she was leaving with another female and no i dont think she was a lesbian.get your mind out of the gutter/readers. πŸ˜‰
and some male. going by the interaction/body movement/language/ i’m gonna say he was just pals with either female or both. nothing hormonal there. (wait, you mean some guy has took my job ???)

so she was relly babbling how much she didn’t like ‘he’s not..’/and how the ads/trailer made it seem much better/were better… and she asked me which film i had seen/ i said fanboys(yeah i felt pretty self conscious/saying this with two females. *right there*)

i also told her i was considreing seeing he’s just not that into you (why not, it’s not like i have guy cred.and pretty much everythig else showing was oscar bait.)

and she told me not to see it. and that any guy that sees this movie deserves to get kicked in balls.(that’s almost the extact quote.wish i remembered the word for word.oh yes !! )

her two companions laughed.and i think i laughed too. πŸ™‚

the female saying this was way tall. well i’m only like 5′ 8″ or/ she was much taller and wearing some sort of heels.she could kick me in the balls any day. takes a bow ! πŸ˜‰

so yeah, i haven’t seen he’s just not that into you either. hey what have i seen this year ?? let me go back under my rock.everyday.la la la… πŸ™‚


February 28, 2009

‘necessary to display’

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wow,surprise i was in store wondering around. and yes i saw the lars and real girl dvd. but this wasn’t quite the lar’s dvd i own.

yes this version had a…uh valentine faceplate thing. this is beyond/beyond amazing.that this film would be marketed/push this way. but hey why not ???

i wonder aside from the faceplate thing is different from the region 1 version i got last year. maybe it was my crap mood (hey) or maybe it was too embarrasing for a loser to be alone and holding this dvd/near valentine day/ so i didn’t investigate the back cover to dig up if there was a difference ir not. put this ‘gimmick’ may have me purchasing dvd # 2. ah i’m such a romantic. πŸ˜‰

and hey anything that gives lars abit more shelf life. ha ha.


ah isn’t that cute ?? sorry it’s the size of a postage stamp….

and so on and so. now i’m gonna tell you about a contender for best this (male) geek moment in a film from last year.

now it was the segment in the film baghead when the uh, not really hot guy was gonna tell the uh not too ultra traditionally attractive female/but still some you’d uh notice(and she had a cool personality in my eyes too)

i guess the word he was finally gonna say were close to uh ‘could we on date’/our how he liked her/in ‘that’ way even.

he was srtuggling/ waiting for the courage to say those words/ an opening/ in the converstion and when you thought you thought there was bit of light to speak. the female keep/ keep mentioning how he was like a brother to her. said similiar things several times and over. πŸ˜‰

and how she was glad to have a such mega friend as him. (sorry i’m going very blank on the exact words/phrases/i haven’t seen this in months. wait i’ll check my ticket stub.(hell since i keep most id they’re from the angelika/the landmark gives these paper slib stubs i’m not advanced enough to keep up with.)

ok kids i saw baghead on aug 9/2008. anyway so when the guy finally got the courage (or so it seemed) the timing was so wrong (sometimes the timing wrong/sometimes/he’s not that strong) and doesn’t say anything.well he tries. but saying ‘it’ nope. this scene worked even better since i don’t the female was bringing this up to deflect from his potential question/interest in her.classic.

also very loved (hey it made good cinemea)after the discusion she put her hand on his cheek/for about two seconds and what a platonic seconds it was. πŸ™‚

but nope doesn’t end there when she’s walking away to go to her room/the guy touches his cheek and then he….quickly and very excitedly sniffs his fingers.

i loved that this wasnt played for a joke laugh/for the cheap. the female he was interested in/ back was turning/leaving the room/the two other people in room didn’t seem to notice/there was no pan of camera going to them.

it was just a ‘special’ moment for him/ us. πŸ™‚

ha ha…

anyway i read a bunch reviews of baghead and they never mention this bit.

and ya know if someone ask me one of the reason in ‘here’ i guess it’s too mention some bits that are to lame/micro/embarrassing/minor for pretty much anyone else to mention.

and i feel that makes this blog more important than being ‘good’ or first with reviews.

although i should trhow up one sentence reviews of frozen river/the international/fanboys/wendy & lucy. just to document that i saw them (hey mention just this mention is enough.opps..)

don’t even have the heart to do so (yeah that was last four films i saw.i actually have a mildy amusing joke i could tie in with fanboys.but it’s likley only funny if you’re a loser. sorry that joke how i roll.and roll on. ha)

and seeing how i avoided going to the cinema thrusday/friday and hey today. you know i’m on roll.

but we’ll always have this moment in baghead the fact that i loved it and no else seems to mention it. says it all and more… πŸ™‚


‘vacant lots’ ;)

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wow, i’m probably not gonna see this film.not unless you want to see it with me… πŸ˜‰

anyway but this may be of/hmm interest.

exclusive on line interview with david fincher via film comment/of course

so cool to me.
Have we entered the bizarro universe? and other stories

nice puzzlemant /jabs at these superhero/guy thing. using the info on the forth coming green hornet thing as a spring board.and that makes me smile. almost running around the keyboard.dancing even !!! πŸ™‚

and more love for the film comment from the geek. *look* it’s film comment’s readers best of 2008. nice list. really looks like one the better lists (hey did i just type that or did just hone in on #18 ??) i know your all listed out. well nope you’ve got to go to my link. hey hey be fair. all’s fair when film comment is involved. well mostly. πŸ˜‰

sneak at the film comment readers poll !!!

really this list has bunch of stuff that’s wowed blog land all year and more. so much so/ i wonder if movie bloggers were the only one’s to vote. πŸ˜‰
ha ha…


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