February 28, 2009

‘necessary to display’

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wow,surprise i was in store wondering around. and yes i saw the lars and real girl dvd. but this wasn’t quite the lar’s dvd i own.

yes this version had a…uh valentine faceplate thing. this is beyond/beyond amazing.that this film would be marketed/push this way. but hey why not ???

i wonder aside from the faceplate thing is different from the region 1 version i got last year. maybe it was my crap mood (hey) or maybe it was too embarrasing for a loser to be alone and holding this dvd/near valentine day/ so i didn’t investigate the back cover to dig up if there was a difference ir not. put this ‘gimmick’ may have me purchasing dvd # 2. ah i’m such a romantic. πŸ˜‰

and hey anything that gives lars abit more shelf life. ha ha.


ah isn’t that cute ?? sorry it’s the size of a postage stamp….

and so on and so. now i’m gonna tell you about a contender for best this (male) geek moment in a film from last year.

now it was the segment in the film baghead when the uh, not really hot guy was gonna tell the uh not too ultra traditionally attractive female/but still some you’d uh notice(and she had a cool personality in my eyes too)

i guess the word he was finally gonna say were close to uh ‘could we on date’/our how he liked her/in ‘that’ way even.

he was srtuggling/ waiting for the courage to say those words/ an opening/ in the converstion and when you thought you thought there was bit of light to speak. the female keep/ keep mentioning how he was like a brother to her. said similiar things several times and over. πŸ˜‰

and how she was glad to have a such mega friend as him. (sorry i’m going very blank on the exact words/phrases/i haven’t seen this in months. wait i’ll check my ticket stub.(hell since i keep most id they’re from the angelika/the landmark gives these paper slib stubs i’m not advanced enough to keep up with.)

ok kids i saw baghead on aug 9/2008. anyway so when the guy finally got the courage (or so it seemed) the timing was so wrong (sometimes the timing wrong/sometimes/he’s not that strong) and doesn’t say anything.well he tries. but saying ‘it’ nope. this scene worked even better since i don’t the female was bringing this up to deflect from his potential question/interest in her.classic.

also very loved (hey it made good cinemea)after the discusion she put her hand on his cheek/for about two seconds and what a platonic seconds it was. πŸ™‚

but nope doesn’t end there when she’s walking away to go to her room/the guy touches his cheek and then he….quickly and very excitedly sniffs his fingers.

i loved that this wasnt played for a joke laugh/for the cheap. the female he was interested in/ back was turning/leaving the room/the two other people in room didn’t seem to notice/there was no pan of camera going to them.

it was just a ‘special’ moment for him/ us. πŸ™‚

ha ha…

anyway i read a bunch reviews of baghead and they never mention this bit.

and ya know if someone ask me one of the reason in ‘here’ i guess it’s too mention some bits that are to lame/micro/embarrassing/minor for pretty much anyone else to mention.

and i feel that makes this blog more important than being ‘good’ or first with reviews.

although i should trhow up one sentence reviews of frozen river/the international/fanboys/wendy & lucy. just to document that i saw them (hey mention just this mention is enough.opps..)

don’t even have the heart to do so (yeah that was last four films i saw.i actually have a mildy amusing joke i could tie in with fanboys.but it’s likley only funny if you’re a loser. sorry that joke how i roll.and roll on. ha)

and seeing how i avoided going to the cinema thrusday/friday and hey today. you know i’m on roll.

but we’ll always have this moment in baghead the fact that i loved it and no else seems to mention it. says it all and more… πŸ™‚



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