March 2, 2009

so the recession isn’t helping me or females. :(

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does the near movie future just gonna equal.More comic book movies and less women.

some interesting takes on how the recession is effecting things.yeah your novice…aka didn’t think it was this bad since nearly every weekend when i read the boxoffice profits weekend update thing it usually reads this year beat last week last year. so you’d expect some plans for things to open up abit. but i guess not.

i realize this may not scare ‘the guys’ but it pretty much terrifys me.

really it doesn’t seem to matter if box office is up or down. things going better financially or not. it seems things are always gonna be about the same as far as what we get. yikes and…..*arrgh*

one of the reason i’m rather annoyed at ‘the guys’ and comic book crap mania. is well the mentally of alot top five is the only type of film type kids/mavens. is their utter disdain of anything that has or is perceived as being abit for female audience or with female leads.

lord or whomever (hey!) how many jokes did you get from guys just even a movie like twilight exist/translation ever made.

the big joke they won’t shut up about the idea of uh whatever the name of the transformers sequel (nope i’m not even gonna check).

lord knows if something as female appeal or more interest from females. it most instantly be ridiculed/dismissed.buy ‘the guys’ (and seemingly most the media too ??)

which is beyond lame since most the movies especially the blockbusters/and franchise stuff is sooooo aimed at them. heel pretty much every week at the box office is ‘guy week’

and they can’t even just shut up a few weeks year something with female lead/or a more female base could be the number film in the states.

but yet the want/push to relevance/worship of anything they like/ has big guy appeal whether is the idea of movie based on talking robots that fight(yeah that sounds about 8000 times smarter than the idea behind twilight.got it) sports/crime novels you name it. arrrgh….

really i don’t want to sit through another blockbuster summer. it’s got to end.something gotta change. and if means not giving a damn/rooting for comicbook based films. well i’m versatile like that.but i bet you know… 🙂

as always it comes down to the classic confrontation bewteen geek and evil. and of course beiing a geek is the less bland option. ha ha. and i love borrowing that joke !!! 🙂

and maybe if a guy reads this they’ll kill themselves bop’s #6 industry story of 2008

really i’m not that interested in eith transformers or twilight. but if guys get 3,000 franchise things/ why can’t females at least get a couple without them whining like you’re cheering for a pedophile or something.



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