March 4, 2009

march 04 09

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hmm sorry some days have pasted and pasted.so shorter more micro style than usual. but is there a usual ??

ok i saw fanboys feb 10. and well it didn’t cast a spell.but it didn’t have me singing a hate song. ha ha lord i need some new jokes. anyway…

anyway something like an 8 pm showing maybe about 18-20 in the room that seemed about right it. but played seemed much bigger.the level of audience practicipation was bigger more active than anything at seen at the angelika.

nope not the taking at screen/type of stuff. but the level of enthusiasm/giddiness for what was on screen and to get the next scene was higher than anything i’ve seen. yep even those sold out free screening were (jet) lagging behind in comparison.blowen way even…

mostly looked like friend/group couple/date fest. so it’s fitting i was very alone….and this world is so cold. *ha ha*

yeah i swear there were couples in the audience.report that… πŸ˜‰

now hey again i didn’t think this film totally sicked. hell it was ok and i laughed a bit. but agin i haven’t seen every teen/early 20 something road movie. or really any of time well i’m pure like and ‘transparent or not/you’ll never see my likes again‘ again. now say c,mon… πŸ˜‰

so not seeing 400 films of this sort i settle and likely stop at this one curiosity sated…

and yes i laughed abit.and i have zero familairty with star wars.

how i do need some stats question the reality of the windows guy getting together with the zoe charater. i mean come on this a guy refed as 24 (???) in the movie with zero experience/ ‘landing’ a zoe type.but hey that’s why it’s the movies. ha ha….

caught wendy/lucy feb 20.
i was very amused before i entered the auditorium to w &l. there was going going on and on about how much the international sucked and which room ws showing rachel getting married (actually gonna included snippets of this converstaion later. trust me i will.because when you have a guy several angelika employees and your loser…aka me. babbling incomprehensibly the results are alchemical or at least a guy named al that sells chemicals… πŸ˜‰

anyway wendy/lucy drew an older crowd than i thought…uh what was expecting ??? anyway audiences surprises ?? well i was making my way to usual theatre fave location.something like back row sort of left of center got there and tomy surprised two and i only spelled it as two females/uh mud-late 20’s wers sort of there so only a seat.just one spell it out…seperated us. (and that pair really enjoy their popcorn/let me tell you…)

and now you think something good gonna happen. ha… any this uh ‘noticeable’ pair was far out gone/and leaving the threatre or auditorium as the angelika tickets put it. before uh wendy even laot her dog. darn it what with today’s youth can’t they put a bit of time/effort anto anything ??

well i would having saying the same thing about the guy complaining about the international/accept he was a few years older.and he like an angelika employee was sort of hoping the international was gonna sort of shuoot’em part two. you know they were very disappointed.that’s how they felt that day.

so with females gone from back row land that left…well two seats to mey left an older soft body type that was very bald in button down shirt(stripes babe) and me/your loser. πŸ˜‰

to hold down the back row. it’s hard job. but i think we did ok.

so yeah the females were gone/ sort of like those animals in 3,000 animation movies trying to get home. *ha ha ha ha* πŸ™‚

really the most surprising about this showing was that there was atleast tow sets of families. did i miss anyone ??? and by families i mean what looks like a mom/dad and a kid or two.

well i saw this faces when the lights hit.and it was pure disappointment i read. maybe because of the dog factor they were expecting something more blockbuster in scale/approach. or at least something abit more feel good.

don’t know if i seen agroup leave the angelika more miserable looking than both the kids (yep boy and girl) and the parents looked when leaving. don’t think there gonna be a return visit to the angelika for them until 2037. and i really would have loved to have heard the talk they had on the return trip home.

and for some reason most of audience stayed/sat through most of the credits for wendy/lucy.what were they looking for ??? but they sat.

and if lucy could have gotten a nom for best supporting actor.now that would have made this beyond/grey/boring/washed out award season. sort of ok. now that’s good acting…

but in the end/the end wendy/lucy is another moivie with tons of hype.that just didn’t play well in geek town/for me.

but i’ve said that before.and it been that way since forever. however i’m glad everryone enjoyed it/was raving.

now can i re-watch jellyfish or is that not indie cred/hyped enough for the blog nation ??

more than ever i think if something has mostly raves i should avoid it. if something has bad/mediocre or barely a passing mark on metacritic i should give it a shot.

something for everyone/doesn’t enthuse evryone or at least not me.

don’t say those ‘cool’ films name/don’t try to twist my head with tales of their fame/i’ve got to far to go/you know… (sorry bringing out the song lyric paraphrase machine one more time/because it’s that or the cliche machine…)

viva la geek deluxe edition.




  1. I call utter and complete BS on that.

    I’ve seen THE INTERNATIONAL twice. It’s riveting, beautifully shot, glamourous, gritty…and it features an intense, bravura performance from CLIVE OWEN.

    What does RGM have??? It possesses totally lame, amateurish acting (except possibly from the male romantic interest, DEBRA WINGER, BILL IRWIN and ANNA DEAVERE SMITH) and the most ridiculous direction and script I’ve seen in a LONG time. Made me sad, too. JONATHAN DEMME used to be a force to be reckoned with.

    Oh…and Annne Hathaway CAN NOT act.

    So some people in Houston don’t know their precious asses from a whole in the ground.

    Just my fiery Irish two and a half cents…

    Comment by Miranda Wilding — March 10, 2009 @ 7:12 pm

  2. Ha ha.

    That should be hole.

    Of course…

    Comment by Miranda Wilding — March 10, 2009 @ 7:13 pm

  3. m. you know what i liked most about the international ???

    that clive owen didn’t have sex. wooo hoo…

    and you know slight blotchs with spelling’s cool. just call it my influence on you… πŸ˜‰

    ok you told me some of the appeal to be going so hormonal over anne hathaway was because she wasn’t ultra hot/hence uh being in theory more ‘accessible'(accessible with in a fantasy context) to the drooling guys.and i’m sure they’re some females drooling too. uh what’s with this sex thing. *ha ha ha*

    so uh m. with your hatered of hathaway/ being the stuff of legend. which female actor do you think should get the not ultra hot/glamrous/but if ‘accessible’ from a uh a yep sexual fantasy point vote ???

    wow the questions that fly around this blog. ha. and hell name a guy that could fit this bill too. i want to know… πŸ™‚

    again i don’t think i’m qualified to judge acting. so there ya go kids. take it away…;)

    but you were very very correct in knowing before i admitted it.that despite my not being as wowed the ‘rachel’ movie. i was rooting for her the anne chracter because she was such a mess up/failure.

    ‘i can’t face the day/i can’t make it go away’

    and to really put you on the spot ms.m. take a deep breathe…now deeper.

    which female actors do you think i should be crushed out on ??

    and i’m really crushing on clive owen.he didn’t have sex the entire movie. that was sooooo cool…

    also m. do you think clive owen will wear a trench coat in duplicity ????

    and your really gonna kill me in your dreams/because yep that was me/that just did the search for..uh anne hathaway on your site. i was trying tp pull your legendary segment where you dissected the hormonal drooling over her.wow that was classic.

    anne and her fans are just gonna have to accpet your rejection of her. in various ways/on various days.

    have a lovely day ms m. !!!


    Comment by sourglimmer — March 10, 2009 @ 11:42 pm

  4. Hey, I just have to finish this up. I’m much too driven to leave stuff alone.

    Oh, I HOPE CLIVE wears a trenchcoat in DUPLICITY. I’d love to see someone pull it off him. But I guess it’s going to be JULIA. Not me.

    Oh, well…*sigh*

    glim, I don’t HATE Anne Hathaway. I don’t even know her. But I don’t think she can act.

    This is the problem with the industry. ONE of them, anyway. Guys have a lot more leeway to be average looking or not particularly glamourous. They give women a much rougher ride. In the entertainment industry, even the cute women are generally REALLY HOT. But guys don’t necessarily have to be.

    It’s better for men to be good looking. But it’s not a great tragedy if they aren’t. If a guy is drop dead beautiful, then people in the industry often don’t take him seriously. Not unless he shows a remarkable amount of talent or he really pays his dues.

    Women are screwed no matter what. If they’re stereotypically glamourous and sexy, they get nailed to the cross for it.

    *sniff* Thank you. Yeah, I’ve all ready heard that. Take a hike.

    But if they’re perceived not to be classically attractive ENOUGH, they get a lot of grief for that too.

    OK. Women that are accessible but not intimidatingly hot? I guess the women that were characterized as the girls next door would be the best fit. Meg Ryan and Sandra Bullock would technically fall into that category. But they’re both getting older and neither of them work much any more.

    Julia Roberts got the girl next door label too. But I don’t think that that would stick to her wall. Julia is a hell of a lot more glamourous and has far more star quality than either of them put together.

    There are a couple of older women: Frances McDormand and Kathy Bates. But they’re still both pretty good looking. I always maintained that Kathy Bates would have been beautiful if she just watched her weight. But she came to a point where she just quit working on it.

    Um…If you’re talking young, then I’d say Amy Adams and Isla Fisher. There are a couple of redheads for you. They’re both attractive. But I wouldn’t say intimidatingly so.

    For guys…

    Mostly older. But I’m still thinking. Howzabout Mickey Rourke, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Francois Cluzet (the dude from TELL NO ONE), Alan Rickman and Jack Black? Maybe Jason Bateman?

    And I think you should have crushes on these women: SCARLETT JOHANSSON, KATE WINSLET and KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS. Especially when KST goes blonde again. That’s a pretty formidable trio.

    Clive didn’t have sex in THE INTERNATIONAL. Ha ha ha ha ha ha…


    But that’s all right. He’ll be breaking the headboard with Naomi sooner or later. We just won’t get to see it.

    Somehow I think we’ll all live. Those two especially.

    They got paid a bundle…

    Comment by Miranda Wilding — March 11, 2009 @ 12:58 pm

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