March 7, 2009

not even close/because this post had to be done…

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for months…hell was it years ?? i read and read things about (male) best actor thing this year and how it’s was very likely gonna come down/let it come down to mickey rourke or sean penn. endless. the road of pages was endless…

i think i’m qualified to tell what good acting is/about as much as i am to tell about good cinematography is. yep *not at all*

but it doesn’t matter if it’s very good acting/best of the year.

i was so underwhelmed by both movies. yes, i tend to go more by if the movie worked for me.so the supposed magical acting having the whomevers almost getting tats meant nothing to me.

well i didn’t notice/or rather i didn’t care/same thing pretty much.

just be glad i didn’t call this blog insight. πŸ˜‰
both the wrestler and milk were way too linear/trad for me.and not even trad damaged.ha ha…

and realize most of stuff i liked in 2008 seemed to have some sense of unreality ala priceless,in bruges,my blueberry nights and jellyfish

and the wrestler/mik seemed all about the hyper reality.(or it was presented/written about that way.every damn day.and so on..)

and all about getting me to say *no*/next ! πŸ™‚

now, bring me the head of the movie bloggers/award mavens/and make it the silent life remix/it’s been going too wrong/for so long…



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