February 27, 2009

‘the wounds were just too similar’ ???

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hey this your winner for 81st oscar thing best orginal screenplay thing. uh whatever. really i just wanted sneak my using the scribd thing. 😉

hey this would have made some of those up for best script post you saw everywhere look abit brighter ??

or maybe not since i didn’t see it anywhere.

any way the milk script won. but yeah i thought that honor should have went to martin mcdonagh for in bruges

oh well focus didn’t care about in bruges it was all about pushing milk or burn after reading. and did focus even make the script available ??? seems no…

but anyway this years oscars. hell no i didn’t watch/ i did hang around the award daily live session. i was pretty damn clueless. oh well at least melissa told what see had for dinner/that was damn sexy !!! 🙂

but on the surface this year oscar was sort of like last year. bad guy in a generish movie with massive critical praise/able to wow ‘the guys’ wins for best supporting. check.

best male goes to someone playing a historical figure/bio pic. check…(ok i’m thinking more when forest whitaker won for last king.but give me break.it’s all just blur of sameness to me.sorry…)

the period movie (the dutchess) wins for costumes check.

lame pixar pic #3000 wins for animated.

probably more and more.but i’m too lazy to check. yep that proves i’m a movie lover at heart doesn’t it ??? 😉

seriously ans even the winneres weren’t sort of repeat of the type of thing that won last year/it seems the list noms basically repped the same thing. as far actors/roles/types of movies. ok that a slight strech/but you can’t totally discredit can you ??

and even when it was different it was sort of the same. ala slumdog this year going in with gadizillions of momentum/critic cred and winning the biggest oscar/ no country whatever it was called winning last year. yeah….

but this year has got to be than last. there seems there was some potentially interesting things that didn’t come out last year/that should get some release this year(and yes let your thoughts of sexual innuendo/flow when you read that.)

and whatever else was already set for the pipeline(more innuendo/maybe.ha ha) of 2009 will hit too.

mostly i think this year will be better(for me) because i’m gonna be here silent style to kick/beat down all the crap your gonna let float to top.

i’ve had enough/ and when you fall/your stuff you champion falls/ maybe that’s when i stuff i like raises.la la la…

speaking of the oscar bop did nice live blog thing. but since i noticed/liked it. i doubt anyone is gonna give it any play/and i only spelled it as play.

funny.but since it’s not boxofficemojo.you don’t give a damn

yay bop !!!! 🙂

and i didn’t tell you how i missed two free movie screening this month. yep i was 0-2. swoon. 😉

see you next ya for the oscar noms.and why do i think next year will be like this year and the year before and so on. just with a slight shuffle of dynamics ???

viva la geek…

yes it's me at the comp. ;)


‘a monitor into life’

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sort of an intro/why is blog or whatever called the silent life ?? well it comes from my mishearing/ misinterpreting a band of susans lyric. i thought the lyrics and yep for years were a certain kind of luck a silent life. but nope checking it’s supposedly a certain kind of luck a silenced life.

hmm maybe a silenced life seemed to o poetic/too melodramtic/and hey it can’t be totally a silenced life if i post abit right ??? ha ha.

but hey, i guess the silent life is fitting.since it’s seems my views/slant is usually way out of sync and gone away from the hmm, whomevers that do movie blogs.

so maybe i’ll be giving some views that are slightly/silent. ha ha but hmm the silent life. well i know gadzillions of movie blogs seem to have name that sort of tie in with cinema. but yeah bonus points/ i guess the silent life sort of works on that front. since you mostly watch movies in silence. hey this name is working better that i thought.

but of course why ?? you want up to minute info. nope i’m the last on the block/in line/ if i make it. want someone ultra knowledgeable about movies/movie history/genres.

uh nope that’s not me either. uh no. how about someone with at least good spelling. uh no. not me/again/no. and such a challenge i feel/ past the age/where i have the enrgy/interst level to pull this stuff off and very beyond the point where i’m interesting enough for this matter more than 3%.

and i really don’t think cinema likes me much. no it loves dark knight fans instead.always…

really the last four movies i’ve seen/i very realize i have nothing to really say about them/aside from my take on audience breakdowns/segments of conversations/i bit up while walking around/ so nope i’m not too inspired by most of the stuff i see…

and them there’s the big challenge of trying to put anything on the screen/when i have a fragment to throw it. it’s sort of a challenge to me. most seem to whirl it up/like today’s meal. hey how they pull that off ??

but yet there could be alot of posts as long as do stuff like this/and not kill two brain cells putting stuff on the screen.so yep less reviews and more disposable crap. really the most disposable crap ever. what do the movies want me to do ???

but i guess even that can be sort of an asset.with the movieish blogs i’m familiar with being more known for epic movie based posts/reviews.

but really even if i’m gonna be outstripped/outshined by 20,000 other wordpress kids a second. maybe someone should be here that doesn’t give a danm about oscar bait/7,000 superhero/blockbuster films during the summer. maybe someone should say no.

think about…???/ for how long it took for me to work it out/i was hoping for sun light/though i was right/ but in the end/ you didn’t have the strength to shout/if i push you/ would you dream your dream your dreams aloud ?/you might be proud/push you/if i push you/ would you stand above the crowd ??/ you’d be allowed/everybody’s wanting/for you /to focus on the things you’re hating/turn it round/turn it inside out/i know you’d build a better mouth/you can work it out/you can run away where no one can see/somewhere fucked up/ where you’d be free/where all the things/ you thought and said/would go away/ and clear your head/and leave you able to breath”

hmm yeah i stole those lyrics from the band bleach/yes the british version.song=’push’.sorry if i blotched the lyrics. hell i could never find them when i used to search on line. because who cares ??? put a pretty fitting segment of song to snag/ because yep guitars couldn’t count but trad rock labeled as alternative did.(please shut up you know you put that crap to the top.accessible/pop end of alternative couldn’t have one thing different. yeah ‘normal’ people and hipsters you make me sick)

and how can this blog break through matter even 2% in an atmosphere that drools like crazy over 500,000 doc films a year, 3 million oscar bait films a year (no, i’m not excited) and 7 million superhero/action films a second. probably nowhere/this blog will be going nowhere. really why bother ??

maybe because you’ve ruined too much and you have too much. well i think you’ve ruined too much. now go back to your dark knight worship. don’t tell me my spelling is atrocious/i don’t care. my grammar well that sucks too/takes a bow. 🙂

feel free to tell my taste in movies sucks.well i’ve never claimed for three seconds to ever present myself as a ‘generalist’ or someone with an all encompassing/well rounded view of things.

nope f**k you ‘generalist’. what’s needed is more ‘specialist’ . now what am i to specialize in ??? well not giving a damn about pixar/the dark knight/oscar bait/and wanting to watch 50,000 docs a year is a good start. sorry kids, the computer louging clothes era of movie blogging has begun.and you know there’s nothing more stylish.

you can run away where no one can see/somewhere fucked up/ where you’d be free” and that’s the silent life. now let’s keep it dark knight free. 🙂 transmission time

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